PVA, PU, PVC sponge Dust protect bellow Dust protect cover
Linear Motion

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All Feasible provides full range of solution in industrial parts. We do find quality parts in comparable price and support.
PVA, PU, PVC sponge roller and sheet

Sponge roller

PVA, PU and PVC sponge roller for absorbing surplus liquid.

Bellow - cover

Dust protection of movement parts. Reduce downtime machine.

LMB, Ball Screw, Actuator

Linear Motion System

Ball Screw, Ball Spline, Linear Actuator and Bearing from well-known brands.

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring from certified people from Thailand Council of Engineer

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Our company, All Feasible,  established over 10 years by experienced engineering team. We serve high quality parts to factory all over Thailand area. Find solutions for customers, don’t waste your time. Please contact us.

Our Past Job

“PVA sponge roller well absorbing water on glass surface without water remained and stain. Very cost effectiveness."
Glass manufacturing
“Customs made of quality bellow good structure for cover moving parts like ball screw. Help machine run long no stop."
Laser Cutting Machine
“Comparable price and short time delivery parts.”

Have problem with absorbing, dust oil on parts.

We have many custom products for your business. Please contact us.